Watch this: Stephan Pastis shows you how to draw Timmy Failure and friends step-by-step

Whether you're new to Timmy Failure's ongoing career as Greatest Grade School Detective of All Time, or you're a long-standing fan, you'll want to know that Stephan Pastis always starts drawing Timmy with a small U and then two O's. Watch and learn!

And you can keep on watching – there are also videos for how to draw Total (Timmy's polar bear sidekick), Rollo Tookus, Molly Moskins, and arch-rival Corinna Corinna.

Timmy Failure #2 – Now Look What You've Done came out in February and has been a regular on national and regional bestseller lists ever since.

Timmy Failure #3 – We Meet Again is due out on October 28, 2014.

There was a great profile of Stephan Pastis in PW back in February.