Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys is out and getting great reviews!

Because Mr. Lewis is at the helm finding clear, simple metaphors for even the most impenetrable financial minutiae, this tawdry tale should make sense to anyone. And so should its shock value. “Flash Boys” is guaranteed to make blood boil.

And because this is Mr. Lewis, it’s a book about white-hatted heroes who set out to rectify the system. The principal figures in “Flash Boys” were not widely known outside the business world, or even within it, though they will be now. You could find some on LinkedIn, but Wikipedia had never heard of them or their accomplishments. That only adds to the excitement surrounding a book that has been kept carefully under wraps.

Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt
Michael Lewis
9780393244663 | $27.95 | Cloth
W. W. Norton | W. W. Norton & Company