New Harbinger to publish the Gender Quest Workbook – a new book for teens exploring their gender and identity

There's been a lot of gender identity discussion in the media lately (thanks, Caitlyn!), and a lot of the dialogue has probably been more sensationalistic than actually sensitive and meaningful. Into this gap, New Harbinger Publications (the noted publisher of hundreds of helpful books on therapy, personal growth, mental health, development, and coping strategies) has moved up the publication date of the latest volume in their Instant Help Books for Teens series – The Gender Quest Workbook. Originally planned for next February, the book now has an early November ship date.

We couldn't be more proud to help bring this new tool to bookstores and help teens, parents, and caregivers find the right path.

Here's more about the book from the New Harbinger catalog:

"If you are a transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) teen, you may experience unique challenges with identity and interpersonal relationships. In addition to experiencing common teen challenges such as body changes and peer pressure, you may be wondering how to express your unique identity to others. The Gender Quest Workbook incorporates skills, exercises, and activities from evidence-based therapies—such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)—to help you address the broad range of struggles you may encounter related to gender identity, such as anxiety, isolation, fear, and even depression.

"The activities in this book will help you explore your identity internally, interpersonally, and culturally. And along the way, you’ll learn how to effectively express yourself and make informed decisions on how to navigate your gender at home, school, work, or in relationships."

Gender Quest Workbook: A Guide For Teens And Young Adults Exploring Gender Identity
by Rylan Jay Testa, Deborah Coolhart & Jayme Peta
New Harbinger | 9781626252974 | $16.95 | Paper | Nov 2015