Well, this site will be even more valuable to us in 2019. (See ya, Facebook! 👋)

After all the news about Facebook’s privacy fails, we’ve been feeling more and more queasy about continuing to remain active on the site. And the latest news yesterday about Amazon and Facebook having a secret data-sharing agreement was pretty much the last straw.

So we’ll be closing down our Facebook group page over the holidays and focusing more and more on our blog here and our email newsletters to share updates out to our customers and friends. I’m shutting my page down shortly, and Stu already has.

Squarespace just released a new iOS app that makes full-featured web site management, and posting, even easier. We’re definitely going to take advantage of it in 2019 to keep updating here while we’re on the go. (I’ve already started, writing half of this post while in a carwash, under the suds!)

You’ll still find our group posts under the handle @abrahambookreps on Twitter and Instagram. And you can check out our individual posts for Stu, Emily, Sandra, and me on Instagram and/or Twitter. (Check out the links in our menu above to see where you can find us.)

And yes, we’re sticking with IG, despite the fact that they’re owned by Facebook themselves. We’re hoping that the straight-up photo sharing network is somewhat less privacy compromised than the mothership has been. There’s just too much good book stuff and great booksellers on there for us to walk away right now.

Heck, Vox just reported that Instagram helped save indie bookstores. So, there ya go. 🙄

If you’ve got suggestions about anything you’d like us to cover, or feature, or talk about here, we’re happy to hear them. Let us know by email or tweet. Our DMs are open, as they say.

– John