Lonely Planet's Tony Wheeler on "10 Things I Hate in Hotels"

Start off your 2011 on the road in the right mindset: follow the lead of legendary travel writer & publisher Tony Wheeler (co-founder of one of the publishers we represent, Lonely Planet, of course) and embrace your inner grouch!

Tony lists the 10 things he hates in hotels.  Here's the first three, as a taste:

1.  @ = $ – hotels charging over the odds for internet connections


2.  Hidden powerpoints – I’ve paid a lot of money for this room, why do I have to crawl around under the furniture to plug in my laptop or phone charger?

3.  Unstealable coathangers – I’ve never had an urge to steal hotel coathangers, but with these I can’t hang a shirt to drip dry from the shower rail.


Click through for the rest of the list.